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The beginning cannot get better than this!
National ranks by ECA
Rank 2 in innovative practices in number education
Rank 2 in effective use of nature in education
Rank 3 in innovative practices and developmentally appropriate curriculum
Rank 3 in effective partnership with parents.

Education world ECE national conference 2019

Vigna has won a national award for its nature friendly environment from the prestigious platform Education World

Brainfeed school excellence award

Vigna received the coveted school excellence award 2019 from eminent school magazine Brainfeed.

IIHM teacher excellence awards
Ms Radha duppelli - Principal has been felicitated with teacher excellence award in 2018 by IIHM
Ms Sravani- class teacher has been felicitated with teacher excellence awardin 2018.
Inter school gymnastics competitions
Our students have been winning medals in gymnastics everyyear in the inter school competitions held by the Karate do academy and other gymnastics associations.

World Education Summit

Vigna has been awaded as 'Top Promising Preschool' of the state by GTF at the World Education Summit 2018

Day Care Center
At our centre, babies are taught to take their first steps and the children are given a homely atmosphere. They are given utmost care with nutritious food, and are also engaged in appropriate learning activities.
Our school provides a homely ambience to the tiny toddlers who step out of their homes for the first time and to spend their time productively. The teacher affectionately embraces the child and lets the chid settle down with ease.
Our structured curriculum caters to a lot of learning experiences providing various stimuli to the children to explore the learning outcomes. They are engaged in number of structured and unstructured activities which are developmentally appropriate.
The curriculum is so designed that there is something new, challenging and interesting for them which enables them to focus their attention on the learning activities with great enthusiasm. They are exposed to a wider range of vocabulary through listening, speaking and reading.
Primary School
We tap on the natural curiosity of the children to learn more. Individual attention is given to enrich their various skills. Ample opportunities are provided to express themselves verbally on various topics which they are made aware of.
Activity center
Kids get a platform to engage in activities such as reading, writing, and discussing that gives them the opportunity to explore.
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